New Game Alert!

Heres a little heads up about our upcoming game!

You see, controversy is both a blessing and a curse. A curse because in some form, every controversial topic is bound to generate a lot of talk, resentment and eventually it will turn to something like this;


Now the blessing part is quite simple, it is so much fun!

Think about a world where everything is politically correct, where people amuse themselves not at the expense of other people’s feelings, but with harmony, empathy and genuine human compassion…It’s a good thing this is a post because I couldn’t keep a straight face on this entire time…I prefer this instead;


giphy copy


So yeah, we are announcing a new game that is a tiny bit controversial but then again that’s what makes the experience great isn’t it?  We won’t give away the name just yet *CLIFFHANGER* but soon it will be released on the App Store and not long after that on Google Play Store.


More updates coming soon!


In the mean time you can play TyreOn which is available on the Google Play Store by clicking the icon below.


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