Dammit, it’s Monday again

All around the world throughout history, humanity has come together in decision unanimously on one, and only one point. We hate Mondays.

Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself and tell you what all this is. We wanted to put up a section in which Xhayans can talk to you on a personal level about anything. Yes, anything. We could have someone talk to you about how getting a PS4 in the middle of your finals isn’t probably the best idea and someone else telling you about how his dog getting so frustrated because after so much careful consideration and strategic planning, the steaming piles of uh..stuff she left around the room was extremely unappreciated so she decides to lock him out of his room. As this tragic story is scraped away (get it? see what I did there? I said scraped away and it was an indirect reference to the steaming piles of stuff I mentioned earlier? Am I right?) we humbly return to me still not introducing myself.

To the outside world, I’m known by many names. I was once called Luigi, Trevor, Super, Man, 😉 , New kid at school I want to beat up, Javier and for a very short time, HEY WATER BOY!

But to the world that matters, I am SirCavemanXIV (PSN)



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