Breaking News!!

Good morning Earth, I am SirCavemanXIV and here is what the world is up to…

Reports suggest that the Xhayans were spotted at E-Games Fiesta @ MMU on the days of Monday the 7th of December and Tuesday the 8th of the year 2015. They were there to showcase their game TyreOn and for the first time reveal to the world their new game, Send Hitler to Hell!

The Xhayans put up a mini tournament in which people not only got a chance to be among the first globally to play Send Hitler to Hell, but also win exciting prizes by achieving certain scores. There was quite a good amount of response and it seemed that the people loved the game.

We approached the Xhayans for for further comments and insights on Send Hitler to Hell but alas, they had none and gave away nothing but, “More details about the game to be revealed soon” and “Are you going to finish that cookie?”

Pictures of the event and winners will be posted soon.

Now we will go to Bob for the weather…Bob?


         Back to you SirCavemanXIV

Thank you Bob, from all of us here at The Xhayan Times, we hope you have a better source of news.

Good day


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