Crazy Weekend


I want to share with you guys an extremely insane experience I had last weekend.

I went out for coffee with a bunch of people who seemed pretty freaking normal at the time.I mean seriously I didn’t see that coming, anyway, so we go to this local coffee place and ordered our drinks. We were discussing something about the art of cliffhangers. Let me explain cliffhangers for a second for those of you who have been living under a rock and for our amazing readers from Mars. When you are telling a story and it gets quite intense, once it reaches maximum level of intensity and intrigue, you end it without saying the punchline and leave it off at the most crucial part, or for example you completely change the topic you were talking about so well that the people reading or listening to it have no idea how you deviated off topic and keep waiting for you to get back only to have you end it without finishing the story and giving them the ending they were desperately waiting for.

Anyway, play our games.


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