Send ’em To Hell!

There you go, at long last Xhai Studios is proud to present our upcoming game, Send ’em To Hell, featuring Hitler!

For those of you who are for some odd reason unfamiliar with Hitler, he was this dude we don’t like…let’s just leave it at that. So a couple of months ago we were all sitting in the meeting room and having a meeting about having meetings, suddenly we get a brilliant idea to send someone to hell!

That’s where the tricky part begins, who could we send to hell? I mean that’s pretty freaking bad you know…subjecting someone to all the pain, anguish and torture that could be fathomed by the human mind. We can’t send an animal to hell because if we do that PETA will be all over us and we can’t send PETA to hell because an organisation can’t be tortured. (Just kidding PETA, we love you guys!)

It was a difficult time, a couple of us decided to take a walk, maybe we could find something to inspire us and then suddenly a wild kharmoose appeared!


noun                     Origin: UNKNOWN
  1. the result of the mating of the plastic thingy on the end of shoe laces and exactly 4.83% of a popped bubble wrap that has been exposed to the sun for at least 4 years.


The kharmoose told us that there has been a prophecy among it’s people that one day, a gaming studio will want to send someone to hell and the chosen one from the kharmooses will have to recite a term which is completely gibberish but will help the studio make their decision on who to send to hell…that term was ‘abkahdbaksd’ and the studio just gave up and decided to go with Hitler.

That’s exactly how it happened. When Deadpool asked us about how we came up with the game we told him this and he totally believed us and really really wanted to play the game after that. He really enjoyed it too you know..



The entire objective of this game is to get Hitler or the other characters as close as possible to Hell and avoid touching everything because as soon as he gets a chance, they will grab on and climb out back to Earth and it will all be your fault.

Send ’em to Hell will be available soon on the App Store and Google Play!



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