Christmas References in Games

In continuation with this month’s theme at the bestest, most grandiose and frankly just downright fascinating blog in all of the sectors of the known universe, here are some Christmas references in games!


Fallout 4


Fallout 4 craze has been around for a while, you can go check out Diamond City where it’s residents are celebrating Christmas! Also check out Fallout Shelter (mobile game). Little holiday surprise there too.



Highly detailed worlds are quite common now in gaming but if you go back a few years, or more like 10 years, and add the hormonally-charged ups and downs of high school life…you come across a game like Bully! In Chapter 3, you get a Rudolph jumper to wear, alongside infinite snowballs to ping off your classmates’ heads. Man that was an awesome game!

Hitman: Blood Money


Now Hitman needs no introduction, but Blood Money put out the addition that you can kill and make it look like an accident…that put a very wide smile on my face 😊 so you could go around and kill random santas, don their festive attire and then let the real fun begin!

Final Fantasy XIV


You can start the special Starlight Celebration quest in Limsa Lominsa, which started last week and continues until December 31.

Guild Wars 2


MMOs are always big on holiday celebrations, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception, go on and check out the festivities complete with snowballs, gifts, and orphans.

World Of Warcraft


As usual, Azeroth’s celebrating the Feast of Winter Veil with a bunch of cool quests, gifts, and kidnapped reindeer. This one lasts until January 2.


Grand Theft Auto Online


In addition to a new mode that turns everyone into monsters, GTA Online is bringing snow to Los Santos! Just when you thought this couldn’t get any crazier.

Ark: Survival Evolved



Yeah, I’m not even going to say anything…

Saints Row IV


Sometimes you need a game like to remind you precisely how ludicrously fun video games can be. Sometimes we just don’t need realistic, thought-provoking, super serious narratives and experiences on the shocking state the world’s already in. Sometimes, you just need fling Christmas trees at people. ‘Nuff said.





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