We’re Baaack!

See the picture? This is what I feel you guys do when we don’t post for a while. No? Anybody?…Guys?

The holidays¬†are over and ’tis no longer the time to lie around the house wondering what day it is…it’s time to get back to work. I’ve mentioned before how I despise Mondays but…I don’t know it feels a little different, maybe it’s the new year or something. Either way there is so much to be done and it’s a brand new year, brand new day, brand new Monday and in retrospect a brand new me? Not the whole new year resolution thing, I’m talking some deep philosophy here!

I’m going to leave you guys with that and yet again wish you guys a happy new year along with the rest of the Xhayans! (42 points to Ravenclaw if you spot Waldo)1935771_1664794063782950_3474122265226503050_n-2


Wait, what?…it’s Wednesday?

Crap! I did it again…

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