DC Universe Online 2016 Updates

Any DC Universe Online fans? I got some great news for you!

Quite a bit of changes are coming and first off, welcome to the wonderful world of DCUO you Xbox One users! It has been announced that DCUO is coming to Xbox One this spring!

Also another big change is cross play, something we wanted for a long time and it is expected to launch on January 25th, 2016. So in spring DCUO will allow PS4, PC and Xbox users to team up within the same world. Very exciting stuff.

On to the storylines, There are a few new arcs to be excited about. There is a Legends of Tomorrow story arc which involves Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold and Atom to reflect the DC show on CW. There is also a new Superman storyline in the Phantom Zone! It’s all so exciting and to top it off, there is an all new Harley Quinn arc.

Gameplay mechanics got an upgrade as well, you can now use water as a power set, which would allow you to make hard water constructs like Aqualad and water bending abilities like Mera.

Going to style, we now have Style Unlocking, and players can use that to unlock styles and gear on other characters who haven’t found that style. All the more reasons to start playing the game or get back to playing the game.


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