Send ’em To Hell!

There you go, at long last Xhai Studios is proud to present our upcoming game, Send ’em To Hell, featuring Hitler!

Crazy Weekend

  I want to share with you guys an extremely insane experience I had last weekend.

Breaking News!!

Good morning Earth, I am SirCavemanXIV and here is what the world is up to…

Dammit, it’s Monday again

All around the world throughout history, humanity has come together in decision unanimously on one, and only one point. We hate Mondays.

Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Pack 2 Announced

Good news for all you brutal, gut wrenching, bloody, psychotic fatality fans out there, Kombat Pack 2 has been announced for Mortal Kombat X at the 2015 Game Awards!

Hello World!

In a world of darkness, crippled with despair, hopelessness, aged non-biodegradable phone charging cables and crocs. One gaming studio decided to make a final stand against it all.