Good morning/afternoon/lasagna/evening and whatever you call the time between 6pm to 6:03 pm CMT (Central Martian Time)

Do you like the wordplay here? Xhaiology?

According to this book I’ve had since high school and have been using as a paper weight all these years, ‘logy’ means the study of and it must be attached to something you would like to study…in this case it is Xhai. So this page here is technically the study of Xhai or in simple terms, the About us page here. Yes I could have made it easier and said that from the start but how much fun would that be? It would literally start here :

Xhai Studios is a game and app development studio founded in 2015. It has a powerhouse of talented, creative and passionate Xhayans who bring the games and apps to life. You might think the name Xhai means something extremely sentimental to us, you may think that we hacked at it for months or even years to sculpt that name, you may even think that the name Xhai came to us in a dream within three other intersecting dreams, two of which involved at least a pair of earphones and one would obviously be centred around a moist towel they hand to you at a restaurant after you eat so you don’t leave stains on the table cloth, but no. The truth is we just thought Xhai sounded extremely cool so here we are.

This blog is meant to bring you latest news, our reviews and lists and even our thoughts as Xhayans. They are signed off by our gamer IDs just because we want you to know that we play games too and we want friends!


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